Founded in 2015, the Istanbul-based CC Media House is a digital agency operating throughout Turkey, the Middle East and Russia, specializing on influencer marketing and video content.

CC Media House produces ‘native advertisement content’ and ‘brand-integrated video content’ for brands in collaboration with internet talents that have large numbers of social media followers such as YouTubers, Twitch TV broadcasters and Instagram celebrities.

Working with social media talents that create content in a wide range of fields such as entertainment, games, fashion & makeup, technology and lifestyle, CC Media House collaborated with various global brands from Turkey and the Middle East region on hundreds of online content projects.


Influencer Marketing 2017 Report


Influencer Marketing

Markanızı/ürününüzü doğru influencerlar ile potansiyel müşterilerinize ulaştırıyoruz.


Branded Video Content Production

Ürün veya markanızı içeren doğal videolar ile marka bilinirliğinizi ve dönüşüm oranınızı artırıyoruz.


Digital PR

Markanızın web dünyasında kendini tanıtmasını ve kanıtlamasını sağlıyoruz.


YouTube Channel Management

Youtube kanalınızın görsel ve metinsel içeriklerini yöneterek izleyicilerinizi artırıyoruz.


With influencer marketing campaigns, we convey your message to millions of people.

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'CC Media played a big role in our success in the Turkish market. We reached more than 40 million people with two influencer marketing campaigns. Thanks to influencer marketing, CFD gained massive brand awareness and our users got connected to the game.'- Sertaç Pıçakçı - Ledo Interactive Global Product Manager
'We reached more than 20 million people with a long-term influencer marketing campaign that helped our users to learn how to use our services.'- Ömer Süner – İNİNAL Marketing Manager


We develop marketing strategies according to the goals of brands



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