CC Media House,
the new media company

About Us

CC Media House is one of the leading agencies in the influencer marketing world. Our mission is to create memorable campaigns and outstanding results by building meaningful connections between brands and influencers.

Why Us?

Experience and Expertise: We maintain our leadership in influencer marketing with our extensive experience in the industry and our expert team. We develop strategic approaches to find the right influencers, create effective campaigns and reach target audiences.

Strategic Approach: Every brand is unique and influencer marketing strategies should also be customized. We collaborate to understand our customers’ goals and apply an extensive research and analysis process to offer them tailored solutions. We determine the most suitable influencers to reach your goals and implement your campaigns with maximum effect.

Effective Measurement and Analysis: It is important for us to measure the impact of our campaigns and analyze the results. Through comprehensive reporting and data analytics, we monitor the performance of your campaigns and provide insights to optimize future strategies.

We Are Here For You: We aim to establish a long-term business partnership with our customers. We understand your needs and support you on your way to success.