Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

“Influencer marketing” is a range of promotional and marketing activities aimed at influencing a target consumer group and encouraging it to buy a good or service, performed by individuals with the power to sway a specific group in social networks through their social media accounts. Also referred to as ‘influential marketing’ in Turkish, ‘influencer marketing’ consists of celebrities or well-known personalities promoting a brand’s products, commercials or messages to their followers directly or indirectly via their own digital channels. On the other hand, influencer marketing is more than just the direct promotion of a product or service. It also creates an experience between the followers and the brands via the desired message and forges a connection with the brand. Therefore having a message with a fun and creative content directly impacts the message’s engagement rate, distribution and reach. In short, influencer marketing creates rapid brand recognition and reach for brands.

Who is an internet sensation?

The promotion of various brands’ products by celebrities or well-known personalities was a strategy that was in use before. Back then, they could be athletes, singers, musicians, businessmen or political figures recognized by society. Nowadays, with the popularity of the internet and social networks, a new brand of internet celebrity has emerged. Today, in addition to socially recognized celebrities; a high school student with a knack for playing video games, a housewife whipping up excellent recipes or a traveler over 50 years-old sharing pictures and videos of his travels are all able to have millions of followers on the internet through their social media accounts and become worldwide internet sensations.


How do they help brands?

Nowadays, 92 percent of consumers say they trust recommendations through word-of-mouth above all other forms of advertising. (Nielsen)

An influencer marketing campaign is a measurable marketing strategy. The data on views, shares, comments and redirects generated by the content pertaining to the campaign, and their impact on the target audience are measured with ‘engagement level’ rates. Moreover, all leads and redirects can be easily monitored through follow links embedded into campaign posts and costs per user can be calculated. As such, influencer marketing campaigns are very advantageous for brands and companies.

At CC Media House, with our influencer marketing services, we help brands to easily and effectively reach audiences to which they cannot access through conventional channels such as TV, newspapers, the internet and banner ads. At CC Media House, the content created for the brand’s message is not perceived as ‘advertisement’ as opposed to conventional advertising strategies and as such the message is conveyed to the audience as a part of the content. Consequently, the promoted brand/message spreads more effectively and with higher engagement. Since it is part of the content, the message is received by the targeted consumer groups and every consumer becomes a channel that spreads the message thanks to high levels of engagement. The projects created by CC Media House deliver brands/companies high rates of reach, viewing and engagement at much lower costs than TV and similar conventional channels. The creation, distribution and communication of content based on the brand/company’s demands are much faster than conventional channels.


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