Importance of Localized Marketing Strategies

Being global means being local at the same time. Building a truly global brand might can not be thought without considering each market individually. Although ‘’One-Company Approach’’ is still maintain its importance, you can not target every market with only one message.  

Including localisation into marketing strategy 

 While most of the marketing managers know the importance of localisation, still most of the time people do not take actions more than translating their website into different languages. 

Adjusting the language makes your message understandable and expands your market penetration. But what you really need is to become appealing to your audience abroad. And this is the key importance of localisation. 

 According to market researches, adapting your brand, message, product, packaging, slogan etc. can bring you success in so many levels. Learning about the culture and adjust the the content according to the culture will create appealing user experience and it is great way to show that you care every customer around the world. 

Also you can bring local influencers into your marketing strategy. As you know, influencer marketing has become a key component of every companies’ marketing strategies. Taking advantage of a celebrities’ visibility for brand awareness or trustworthiness of a micro influencer for product credibility, can be the quickest way to penetrate an international market.  

As a result 

 Localization acts as a precaution for you to ensure that your business runs smoothly in other country. The investment in localization will benefit you in both short-term and long-term. It would be a big loss if you have to spend money and time to correct the gaffes caused by the lack of proper localization. That is why the importance of localization cannot be denied. 

 Who is CC Media 

CC Media House helps brands for localisation activities companies all around the world as a leading creative new media company for Turkey and MENA Region since 2015. We can help you too! To contact with us please send mail to


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